How to Automatically Update All Your Installed Software in Windows with One Click

Microsoft Windows has built-in Windows update tool for updating the Windows Operating system. Your Windows OS will always up-to-date to secure you from security loop-holes and from other vulnerabilities. On the other hand, Windows update won’t update your third-party windows applications.

You may think your system is secure when you have updated Windows. Despite the fact that, If you haven’t update your third-party Widows application, your system will less secure and will be easily compromised with help of malicious programs (Virus, Malware) by Hackers. Now your sensitive online banking information, online accounts passwords and other confidential data can be “easily” accessed without your knowledge. To fix that, You can update all your Out-dated third-party Windows software application using “Patch My PC Free”.

Update software automatically

Patch My PC Free is free Portable Windows Application which quickly scan your Computer and finds the outdated software. You can automatically update your installed Softwares in Windows with the one click of  “Perform Update” button. Apart from this, using Patch My PC free you can uninstall multiple software applications all at once. You can also enable or disable startup programs using this application. This program also checks for Windows updates.

How to Update Out Dated Software Applications Automatically

Download and open this portable application. This applications user interface is very simple and displays all of your installed softwares with colors coded style. The main Window’s left pane has two Tabs: Common, other. The first tab “Common”  will display applications like browsers and plugins. The second tab shows applications like archivers, Password Managers, Notepad++, FTP Clients and Download Mangers.

This application supports most popular and widely used third-party applications such as  including Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight and many more.

It shows your outdated software applications automatically in red color. Click the Recheck button to check manually. Then click the Magic button “Perform Update”. Hurrah! All your third-party software applications are up-to-date with in few minutes.

This application is very handy to keep your software current. Regular use this application to update your system and prevent any security vulnerabilities.

Size : 410 KB

Download Patch My PC Free | Freeware


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