One Click To Update all PC Drivers Automatically With IObit Driver Booster

IObit is known for its greater security products and performance improvement applications. Recently I’ve shred about the IObit Malware Fighter 2 which is powerful security product that will help to product your computer from Malwares and it can smartly remove the malwares from the infected Systems. Now, IObit has released performance improvement windows application called “IObit Driver Booster”.

Driver Booster the small but great application that will find all outdated drivers in your System and Updates that to latest stable version with one click. It simply detects the old drivers in your system and updates it.

Why should You Update Drivers to Latest?

Drivers are simply software that is programmed to communicate with the physical parts of your computer to software you use always. For example, KeyBoard is the physical device, whenever you perform any actions in your keyboard, the respective keyboard drivers will respond do that the output will be displayed in the Application Software. Like Keyboard, other parts of the computer have respective drivers such as Track pad, Display etc..

If the drivers are outdated when you have updated your system with new Operating system or new Device, then incompatibility may occur. So you can’t use that particular device with its best or completely it may go useless. Many of the Window 7 users have faced  incompatibility situation in their Trackpad when upgraded to Windows 8. (Fix Trackpad not working Problems in Windows 8)

The Latest drivers won’t have any security issues and will provide 100% speed and performance 

How to Update My Device Drivers Automatically

To avoid this, you have to update the device drivers to its latest stable version. You can update device drivers with so many ways like using Windows Update (Since Many Driver Manufacturers provided their updates in Windows Update) and by manually updating each drivers.

Use IObit Drive Booster to update all drivers automatically and without any complex tasks. It simply scans the installed drivers in your computer and shows the updated driver list. You can simple choose the drivers and update it to the latest version.

Just click the update all button to updated the drivers without any tedious setup files. It simple updates your device drivers and brings the best performance to your PC. Before updating to latest version, Driver Boosted will create System restore point for to avoid any unwanted issues after the update process. If anything happens after the update, you can simple restore your system to previous state without any loss.


I have scan may system with Driver Booster and found no updates since my system is already updated with latest drivers. In the scanning process it takes some time and uses some 1/4th of CPU usage and uses the 24MB of system memory which is high than my Bitdefender Antivirus. Apart from this, it is very user-friendly, anyone can use this program. The UI is simply super and modern.

Since it is in the beta stage, you can expect further improvement and great stable product. Meanwhile, just download this Much Needed program and share your thought about it.

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Download IObit Device Driver (Free | Beta 1 | Windows XP, 7, 8)


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