Awesome 5+ Wallpapers of “Earth at Night” From NASA Satellite [UPDATE]

Do you wanna know How your country or city looks at Night ?  Then you have answers here by NASA/NOAA. All the images and data are acquired by the Suomi NPP that is Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite. This Satellite has delivered tons of data about the Earth and its atmosphere and also provides some awesome incredible images of Earth.

The Satellite wallpapers Resolutions are gigantic sizes like up to 8192 x 8192 pixels for squared images, and 12150 x 6075 pixels for the rectangular images. Satellite has Globe views available including all regions like USA, Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East. Below We have added Flickr links a for high resolution images for each images posted here.
Earth at Night -Flat
Earth at night flat map 2012

Earth at Night – Americas
Earth At Night – Africa, Europe, Middle East
Earth at night africa 2012
Earth At Night – Asia and Australia
Earth at night asia aus 2012

Earth at Night – USA
Earth at night USA 2012


Following images are not listed in Flickr

Earth at  Night – India

Earth at Night 2012 india

Earth at  Night –  India Northern Region

Earth at Night 2012 - north india

Earth at Night – India Southern Region

Earth at Night 2012 -southern india



Now you can explore this imagery in Google Maps – thanks NASA/NOAA for this data and amazing imagery! Explore in Google Maps:

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