20 Parallax iOS 7 Wallpapers to Make iDevices Awesome

Apple’s iOS 7 got the fancy layered Parallax wallpaper effect which gives you the awesome 3D like illusion in your home screen. If you have Jailbroken your iPhone before, You can use Parallax Tweak before in your device. The same kind of feature has been introduced in the iOS 7.

The Parallax feature will follow you that is when you move around your iPhone, the background wallpaper will move with accelerometer, giving you the kind of  3D effects in the background. The kind of normal wallpapers with this new Parallax feature is not so sharp to get the full effects of parallax. You need the wallpapers with 1040×1526 resolution to make things perfect with Parallax feature.

Here, We’ve shared the superb Parallax iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone 5 and iPod touch.




















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