Cortana : Personal Voice Assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 like Siri and Google Now

Cortana Voice Assistant Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has added a new Personal voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1 update to compete against Siri and Google Now. When Apple has first released the Siri, it was the talking point at that time in the iPhone. After that Google has also released the Google now which is also provides the same feature.

Other than Siri and Google Now, there are many Voice Assistant apps available in the Play store and App Store like Donna and Sherpa

Now, Microsoft also joins the club in the Personal voice Assistant by creating the “Cortana”. There are the first images of the interface Cortana – voice assistant leaked into the web.  In WP 8.1, the Cortana will provide the various notifications, calendar, weather forecast applications, call processing, tracking the level of charging the unit, etc.

According to The Verge, Cortana replaces search Bing, and combine the functionality of Google Now and Siri. Cortana collects contextual information from services such as Bing or Foursquare. Cortana can provide information about weather, stock quotes, help pave the route recall meeting and so on.

It is expected that Cortana will be released in the US market first, then it will be extended in the other regions. It is expected that Microsoft will offer at least a preliminary version of Windows Phone 8.1 to developers prior to commercial release.

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