Firefox 23 is Released, Download Here Before official Release

Firefox 23 is released by Mozilla in its FTP servers, you can download the Firefox 23 before the official launch later today. Firefox 23.0 package is available for all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Mozilla is ready to launch the Firefox 23 later today, but the last-minute bug testing may be going on. However, the Firefox 23 is released in the Official Mozilla FTP servers, you can get the brand-new Firefox 23 there.

Alternatively, you can download the Firefox 23 from the official website. If you have automatic updates in your Firefox, you will be prompted to download Firefox 23 when it is available in the update servers.

What is new in Firefox 23

There are no official notes about the changes and improvements in Firefox 23. But we can get the changes and enhancements notes from the beta releases.

1. Mixed Content Blocking

This is a new security settings in Firefox 23 which blocks the man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping when you are on (secure) https page. Mixed content means the sites use the http and https resources.

Mixed content has two types:  Active, Passive.

This Latest version of Firefox will block Mixed Active Content by default and allow the Passive content. Active Contents are scripts and other dynamic resources, and Mixed Passive Contents are static resources like images.

2. about:memory’s functional UI has been improved

3. The notifications of plugin installation have a simpler interface

4. Social share functionality has been added.

5. Content Security Policy 1.0

It includes the support for support for CSP 1.0. This new security features is used to prevent many cross-site scripting attacks.

Other Changes

  • The Firefox logo has been updated.
  • Mac Os X 10.7 scrollbar style is now supported
  • A Network Panel has been added to the browser’s Developer Tools.

Download Firefox 23

Here, you can download Firefox 23 before anyone using the direct Download links.

Firefox 23 for Windows

Firefox 23 for Mac

Firefox 23 for Linux i686

Firefox 23 forlinux-x86_64

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