Google Chrome 30% Faster Than Firefox


Back in 2004 when Firefox 1.0 was launched, I loved having a browser that was different to what everyone else was using that was also so much better than the norm.  I consider Firefox now to be a mainstream browser and hence no longer the cool kid on the block.

I’ve been using Google Chrome as my main browser now for around 9 months and not only do I love it, but it’s also in my opinion the best browser on the market.  It’s key selling point for many is it’s speed; according to Computerworld Chrome 3.0 is 30% faster than Firefox.  However, Chrome’s interface speed also sets it apart – I can open multiple Chrome tabs and start working before Firefox has even initialised.

I’m an Apple iPhone 3GS user now after 6 years of Symbian/Windows Mobile based devices.  However, I recently got the chance to play with an HTC Hero and for me Android is looking like it will eventually win the mobile OS battle, at least from a technical and functional superiority perspective, as getting users to ditch their iPhones will be a very hard thing to do.  I can’t wait to get my hands on Google OS to play with which will combine and extend the best bits of Google Android and Chrome.  Given that I spend most of my PC time online, an OS that tightly integrates my favourite browser Google Chrome would be a winner for me.

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