Install Android 6 Marshmallow on Moto G 1st Generation Phone [How to]

Gradually, Many Android Phones getting the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update. However, the Motorola’s popular 1st generation Moto G owners will not get the official Android 6 Marshmallow update. The second gen and third gen phones have already received the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

If you have the Moto G 1st generation phone and still want to get the Android 6.0 on your phone, you still have a choice. Yes, you can install the popular Cyanogenmod Custom ROM  on your Moto G.

The Cyanogenmod 13 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow ) has been released for the Moto G 1st Gen 2013 phone. Now, Users still hanging on the first generation can get the next version of Android via CM13.

How to install Android 6 Marshmallow On Moto G First Generation

You need following things to remember before installing the Custom ROM Android 6.0 on your Moto G phone. First of all, installing the custom ROM will void your warranty if any. Also, there might be a chance that, you may brick your phone if things won’t go smoothly. Make sure the device has been rooted before installing Android 6 CM13 ROM.

Also, Backup your phone memory and other files using Titanium Backup or any other backup app.


  1. Unlocked Bootloader Moto G
  2. Custom Recovery
  3. CyanogenMod 13 ROM

How to Unlock The Moto G BootLoader

Please follow the steps here at Motorola site.

Read more about How to Flash the Custom Recovery on Moto G Phone

Steps to install the Custom Android 6.0 ROM

  1. Download the Cyanogenmod 13 for Moto G Falcon device from the CM downloads section. Also, you need Google Apps package. Then Connect your phone via USB cable to your PC.
  2. Now, Copy Android Custom ROM File and Google Apps package to your phones Storage root folder.
  3. Before installing the Custom ROM, your device must be rooted and installed Custom Recovery like TWRP or ClockWorkMod Recovery. (How To Root Android Phone)
  4. Now, Disconnect the phone from Computer and power off the device.
  5. Now, you have to boot your device to recovery mode by pressing the Volume Down button and power button together.
  6. Now, your Moto G will show you recovery screen. There Choose the Recovery Mode and Select the Wipe data/Factory Reset. NOTE:  If you don’t have the backup before, this step will erase the phone memory and you can’t recover those files.  Return to Recovery mode, and select ‘advanced’ and tap ‘wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Now, Return main Recovery screen and select the ‘install zip from SD card’.
  8. Then, you have to select the Android 6.0 Marshmallow CM 13 ROM File from your Device root folder. Now, initiate the installation process and repeat the this step to install the Google Apps package.
  9. Once you complete the above step, then choose the reboot now option in recovery screen.
  10. The device will boot and will take some time to show you the home screen of Android 6 Marshmallow.

Download Android 6.0 files:

CyanogenMod CM13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM [build date: 26/01/2016]

Download CM13 Recovery file

Download the Google Apps for Android 6.0

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