How To Read PDF files With out Adobe Reader


Adobe introduced the world to what was originally known as Adobe Acrobat. The software used and still uses a Portable Document Format (PDF) and the main goal was to become the standard for the any kind of transmission of large documents. Everyone, from business owners and educators to government personnel use the PDF file to transmit large documents.

If you have  to read the PDF file In may situations but you haven’t any software to read that is the solution. It possible to quickly view PDF files without downloading Adobe Reader or other desktop software!

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You can use the following Solutions to view PDF files with our Adobe Reader.

  1. Use Gmail – Send the PDF file(s) as an email attachment to your own Gmail account. Then open the email and click the “View as HTML” link next to those PDF attachments.
  2. SlideShare – Send the PDF files as an email attachment to

or upload them via web browser and view your PDF as image slides inside the SlideShare player.

The PDF conversion engine of SlideShare is impressive.

3.PDF Escape – Think of PDF Escape as a web version of Adobe or FoxIt PDF reader.

Not only can you upload and view your PDFs online, it also lets  you     PDFforms.

The Following Sites are useful to view the PDF links that is You can view the PDF files that are downloadable format.

simply put the download link to that site.If you Browse on the

mobile Phone and want to view the PDF files just go to these sites.

  1. Zoho Viewer – Like SlideShare, you can either upload PDF files from the computer to Zoho Viewer or ask that service to fetch the PDF from another website.
  2. Samurajdata – A quick and efficient online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word files. You can either upload files from the computer or if the files are on some website, just give the URL and this service will automatically fetch that PDF and render it in your web browser.

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