How to Speed up 3g network mobile broadband like BSNL ,AirTel and DoCoMo


In India there is a 3g revolution has already begun with the launch of 3g services By BSNL and DoCoMo. Using the 3g services users can get high speed internet higher than the Broadband connection. But Wireless network speed that is a 3g network depends on many factors like coverage area, number of users accessing the network and more. So there may be a decrease in speed depends on those factors. By using this guide you can improve the signal strength to your 3g Data card.

Poor Reception:

One of the most common complaints with mobile broadband is the dongle or 3g Data card getting poor reception indoors or in rural areas. If it drops out of HSDPA/3G range and into GPRS, browsing becomes unbearably slow. The trick is to get the dongle into a position where you get good reception so you don’t have to be hunched against a wall or balanced on a windowsill to use your computer.

Find the best Reception and Fix:

Find where the best reception is in your home – usually close to a window – and measure the distance between where the computer is usually housed and the spot where you get good reception.

  • If this is five meters or less, a simple USB extension cable should solve the problem. These can be bought very cheaply. The dongle can then be fixed in place with some nonpermanent adhesive, such as Blu-Tack.
  • For distances over five meters, I’d recommend using a set of USB-over-Ethernet boxes. These use a standard network cable to extend your USB connection to over five meters. This does take a lot of the mobility out of your mobile broadband, but it usually ensures a very stable connection.
  • Buy the 3g data card with external antenna slot such as Huawei UMG 1831,Huawei E122 like that if you are in low signal area ,you can use the External antenna to improve the signal strength and you can get high speed.

My tip was particularly useful to one person I know who has no landline but still wanted an internet connection at home.Do you know any other tips like these to improve Mobile Broadband 3g internet speed post in comments section!!

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