Organizes Music Tracks Without Creating Playlists using 1by1 Audio Player


1by1_thumbOrganizing multiple playlists of your favorite music tracks is a Difficult task, especially when you’ve separated each genre, artist, along with recorded sessions from your music archive into different playlists. If you’re looking for an audio player which doesn’t require creating playlists or tracks database to manage your collection, check out 1by1.

1by1 is a great minimalist audio player. It is fast in rendering music files, stable, and allows managing music collection with an ease. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


Features of 1by1:

  • It comes with a minimalistic ID3 tag editor to quickly edit audio meta information of selected tracks.
  • It also allows copying and moving selected tracks directly to any defined folder, so you wont have to open Windows Explorer to manually perform the operations.
  • The application is highly configurable and customizable in terms of playlist controls and user interface respectively.
  • Despite having build-in options to change the views, you can create and change different interface specific options to make it look as per your liking.

It is un-obtrusive audio player with absolutely no configurations to tinker around. As far managing your big audio collection is concerned, it provides a handy navigation pane to explore directories for playing the selected music collection. The playback and other navigation controls are given on toolbar to play/pause the track, jump between different items, search music folders, enable/disable shuffle mode, toggle playlist view mode and so on. The simple track navigation and volume controls are placed underneath toolbar, whilst information regarding the current track is displayed on the bottom pane. Under Settings windows, you can change Audio decoder and enhancer settings, change toolbar, customize interface elements, such as content, appearance, font, colors, and layout, and configure audio scrobbling.

With 1by1, you can create playlists of selected tracks with single click. All you have to do is to select the files and from right-click menu, select Create playlist file with selection.

The Easy renamer option lets you quickly change the name of multiple files. It lists down all the selected tracks title text in editor, letting you rename the titles and change date stamps.

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