Windows 8.1: Release Date, Features and Demo Video

Just a while ago Microsoft has showcased the Windows 8.1 for the first time for public view. Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will be released for public preview at Microsoft’s Build conference on 26 June.

Before that event, you can see the glimpse of Windows 8.1. Microsoft has released a Video “First Look at Windows 8.1” in YouTube. This video points the upcoming Windows 8.1 update new features and enhancements from current Windows 8.

The video begins with the new improved lock screen that  can display the college of photos from your computer and SkyDrive account. If you want this new feature in current Windows 8 Read this post.

The Start screen apps can be sorted by date installed, most used, or category, as well as by name. In Windows 8.1 you can rename the apps group and can be moved easily.

The new revamped search functionality will display results from your PC and from the Web. So you don’t need separate search for web. The search results from all categories sorted based on the category.

As rumoured early, the same desktop wallpaper can be set to Start screen as well with in-built start screen backgrounds.

Another Much expected new feature is a side by side app display. In Windows 8.1 you can have side by side apps, also you can adjust the window size of the app. It powers you to open more Windows 8 Metro Apps and Windows 8 Games apps in the same screen.

You can get the release preview of Windows 8.1 on June 26.  Windows 8.1 will be released later in 2013 and available free of cost for all existing Windows 8 users.

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