How to Switch Any Tab to Incognito Window Mode in Google Chrome

Google chrome offers many great features, Incognito mode is one that allows you to browse the sites without leaving any tracks in your computer. You might concern that your sensitive and personal information may be left behind in the temp files such as cookies in the computer or anyone want to know what do you visit in the browser.

Chrome Incognito mode is the saviour for you to browse the web without any concerns like above. The incognito mode won’t save cookies, history and other temp files in your system. Even when you closed the window, all date will be wiped out from your computer.

How to Activate any Tab to the Incognito Mode in Chrome with Incognito Tab Switch

In normal circumstance, You can open the New Incognito window from the setting menu in the chrome. Also, You can use the CTRL + SHIFT + N shortcut to open incognito Window.

But if you are the power user of Chrome and want to switch over the current browsing tab to Incognito mode, there in no way you can do to it. You have to copy the entire web address from that tab and to open that new Incognito mode.

For users want this feature, there in one extension available in the Chrome Web Store. Install the Incognito Tab Switch extension from the Google Web store. Once You installed this extension, launch the settings page  to customize it. The Incognito switch tab will switch any normal chrome tab into the Incognito window. You can also switch back the incognito Windows to normal window. It’s pretty cool extension for users who frequently use incognito mode.

New instances of each window mode are merged as you go; you will only ever have one window in each mode. Multiple tabs can be switched out at once and will still be re-inserted in their correct position among the other tabs.

Use this extension and switch your normal tab to incognito mode with one click. You don’t need to copy the entire link and open that with New Incognito Window.

Install Incognito Tab Switch Chrome Extension

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