Get Windows 8 Live Tile Metro Style in Google Chrome with Modern New Tab Page

Modern New Tab Page is a chrome extension for Tab Management in chrome Browser. Modern Tab replaces the existing traditional chrome Tab page with something extraordinary, elegant and dynamic look of Metro Style Windows 8. So, if you want the modern look of Windows 8 Tiles in your Google Chrome browser, this extension is perfect choice for you.

How it will Helpful?

You may be aware that plenty of the Tab management extensions available for Chrome browser. But the Modern New Tab page extension brings the fresh and unique features of Windows 8 Metro Tile UI into the New Tab Page of Chrome browser. Many of the users hate the Windows 8 for removing the classic features from it but not for the new look and modern style. Frankly, I like the Modern tiles in Windows 8. So If you want that look in Chrome Browser, install this extension from Chrome web store.

Modern New Tab Page extension is highly customizable. You can change almost anything in the New tab page of chrome. You can change the background image of “New Tab”, opacity and color.  The same customization is available for Tiles too, you can change the colors, Icon and add the RSS feed of your favorite site in tiles.

Modern extension offers 26 color themes ready for you to personalize your page. You can also create new live tile by clicking the New Tile button.

My favorite feature of this extension is, you can add RSS feed of you favorite site in the live tiles. RSS feed live tile will animate like Windows 8 Metro Apps. It brings you the latest news of the site in the tiles. It gives you the best user experience.

Apart from this, you can access your bookmarks, Recently closed tabs in the bottom of the New tab page. Like the default new tab page, press the arrow mark to open the Apps page in this extension.


This Modern New Tab Page Works like default Page but brings you fresh and Unique Metro Style UI into Chrome browser. Overall the concept and detail over the perfection is good. But the performance wise this extension needs some improvement. You can feel the slowness of the new tab page loading. I think, it’s because of the direct reloading of the page again and again. It needs the cache, local storage and prefetching of the live tile RSS feeds. However, I’ve installed this extension in my Windows 8, and it looks great.

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