Top 30 Best Windows 8 Themes, Visual Styles and Skins 2020

Bored of Your Windows 8 Computer Desktop screen ? Get these best Windows 8 Themes and refresh the look of your Windows 8 screen. Microsoft has made many design changes by introducing Metro UI and Start Screen in Windows 8. But the desktop side of Windows 8 has not seen any dramatic changes except the removal of Start Menu and Aero Glass Transparency feature.

Redmond giant has introduced a new Windows Theme pack file type (.deskthemepack) exclusively for Windows 8 which has metro style themes and 360 degree panoramic Windows 8 Themes. Windows 7 and prior operating systems won’t support this new file type and hence if you are Windows 7 user, you can’t install Windows 8 Themes. However, Windows 8 users can install Windows 7 themes in their system. Try this to fix to install Windows 8 Themes in Windows 7

Here, We have handpicked the fresh and beautiful best Windows 8 Themes, Visual Styles and Skin packs to decorate your Windows 8 system. These custom Windows 8 Themes includes awesome wallpaper backgrounds, icons, dark skins.

By default Windows 8 blocks third-party Windows 8 Theme installation. To get rid of this, you have to patch your Windows 8 system files. For that,

Read our Previous Guide to Install the Custom 3rd party Windows 8 Themes in your system.

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1. Base for Windows 8


Base for Windows 8  is pixel perfect quality Windows 8 Dark Theme which offers a nice set of Metro Icons and dark style skins.

Download Base



2. Snowy V 3.0


Snowy is a nice Glossy Windows 8 Theme which supports all colors of Windows 8. Snowy has the Minimalistic design and looks soft for eyes.

Download Snowy V3.0

3. WhiteDior


WhiteDior is nice Minimalistic Windows 8 Theme With icon sets and skins.

Download WhiteDior

 4. Simplex


Simple Windows 8 theme which features a new frame, search & address bar, taskbar, and various of other changes.

Download Simplex

5. Chromium


Transform your Windows 8 system Google’ Chromium OS Style.

Download Chromium

6. Gray8 Color Pac – Black Windows 8 Theme


Gray8 is the Stunning dark Windows 8 theme with transparent windows. This is one of the best Dark Windows 8 Theme available for Windows Systems.

Download this Dark Windows 8 Themes

7. Space Blueberries 4.8


Space Blueberries is an awesome Windows 8 theme which has dark shadowed visual style and has design tweaks.

Download Space blueberries

8. Work for Windows 8


Work is one of the best Windows 8 theme which has glowing dark interface.

Download Work

9. Aero8 Glow


Aer08Glow is a port of the default Windows 7 theme with a few modifications. This theme has glow on the caption buttons and 2 styles: one with square corners and one with rounded corners. To use this theme with rounded corners you have to enable Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8.

Download Aero8 Glow

10. Glow Dark


Glow Dark is also one of the Dark Windows 8 Theme available for Windows 8 users.

Download Glow Dark

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30. Colors Of India

Microsoft has released the ‘Colors of India’ Windows Theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. This theme has 14 colorful images taken from various parts of the Incredible India.

Download Colors of India


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