Kidzy – A Browser for Kids and Parents

Kids love to play online games, watch videos and have fun by exploring new things online. But Internet is with full of good things mixed with bad. Parents are really concerned about their kids online safety and their privacy information. Fortunately, there are many kids friendly browsers are available in the Internet. Parents can install that in their computer for kids. If you are the one searching for the best Kid friendly browser, Kidzy is the great choice.

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Kidzy is the full screen browser like a normal one, but it is designed for the little ones. Yes! It will bring only good content to your kids from the internet. So your children can learn many new things and enjoy with Kidzy user interface.

Kidzy allows the parents to limit what the little ones can access the Internet. It creates the safe environment for your child and give access to good content only.

Key Features of Kidzy

  • Block Unwanted sites
  • Browsing Time Limit
  • Browse to Pre defined Sites

Parents can specify the set of keywords to block unwanted websites in the Kidzy. By default this kids browser will block some unwanted websites like pornography and harmful sites. The Parents also restrict more websites by adding specific keywords the list of blocked content. This cool feature will protect your kid from inappropriate online material.

Kidzy gives the parents another useful feature: Time limit. Nowadays the Kids are surfing the internet all the day and even they are not moving from the computer. By using Kidzy parents can set time restrictions to limit the amount of time they accessing the internet.

Parents also can save some useful predefined sites in kidzy. Thies children can only surf those sites without any problem.

How to set up the Kid Browser Kidzy

Kidzy works in the full screen mode. At the first time launch, you will get no option from kidzy. Parents can add the useful sites and save them. You can add more sites like that. The browser gives you the free account that will give more security if you have registered with them.

Download Kidzy

Supports Windows 8, 7, XP . Android and iPhone apps will be coming soon.

Download link for Kidzy | Free | 3MB

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