The Most Secure Browser to Open Banking Sites and E-Commerce Sites

There are many Popular browsers out there for users to access the web. Even though, the search for the most secure browser is going among the users to safeguard their personal information from malware and other security vulnerabilities. Possibly, you may aware that Bitdefender, known for the popular Security products. They have introduced the most secure Browser to access the world-wide web called “Bitdefender Safepay“.

Bitdefender Safepay is a secure browser runs in its own sandbox which is isolated from the system environment. This reduces the chances of getting affected with malware and other threats. It provides safe and trusted experience while using the e-commerce and Net banking sites. It also gives protection in unsecured wi-fi hotspot connections.

How to get run this most Secure browser in my System

You have to create free Bitdefender online account using your email or with Facebook, Gmail account. On the first launch of SafePay will scan your entire system for any threats. After that SafePay will launch its secure environment in full scree and takeover your desktop completely, in the browser you can any address to navigate the entire web.

According to BitDefender, the SafePay will secure internet connection and their cloud technology to prevent fraud, phishing, and malware.

SafePay comes with its own Virtual keyboard, and it opens automatically when you enter the cursor to username or password field. You can find this virtual keyboard technique in most net banking site which allows you to enter the information by clicking the letters instead of typing. It is because the affected computer may have keyloggers that will record your keyboard activities to prevent that virtual keyboards will help.

SafePay has two modes: Switch to secure desktop, Switch to desktop. The first one will launch the Secure full screen environment to browse the web and the latter will return the normal desktop mode to use other applications.

I’ve tested this secure browser with various official keylogger and screen capture tools. But the SafePay wins all over. It is a much-needed program to protect your personal information from online Threats.

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