Opera Mail 1.0 – The Mail Client Born from the Opera Browser

Opera Team has released the first version Opera Mail client application after the separation from the Opera Browser. Until now Opera users have got the Opera mail as the part of the Opera Browser. After the Opera browser has abounded its own browser engine in favour of Chromium browser engine, Opera Next 15 has released with out opera Mail. Opera has announced when the release of Opera Next that Opera Mail will be released as a Standalone Application.

Opera Mail 1.0 is the lightweight, customizable mail client. You can get the same great features found in Opera for desktop 12.x in this version 1.0. But Many users want it to back merged with Opera Browser. Many Loyal users don’t want the separate mail client for reading their messages since there are so many mail clients are available in the market such as Thunder Bird etc.

This application is shiny and Lightweight and many features added, and some of the older ones finds the trash. Now you can read mails more efficiently. The multiple tabs allows you read many mails and navigate them with ease. Sorting the emails has been improved. You can set your own rules to sort the mails in Opera Mail Inbox. The Threads help you to read previous conversations easily like Gmail. You can get the conversation in an organized manner.

Opera Mail client has built-in RSS reader that allows you to get the news updates from your favorite websites.

One of the favorite features of the Opera Mail is simple IRC Client. But that component is removed in the stand alone Opera Mail.

It’s first release of Opera Mail, so you can get many enhancements and features in the upcoming version.Before that, just try this New yet the Same Opera Mail client.

Download Opera Mail Client | Free | 11.5 MB

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