Learn English and Other Languages By Watchin Movies & YouTube Videos with laMP

Movies are the great way and easy to way to learn new foreign languages with the help of Subtitles. The videos will help you to know,  how to speak the language better with the sound of the word, situation and environment. Lingual Media Player (LaMP) is the free software that help you learning new languages with subtitle(srt) in a sophisticated manner.

It offers some cool features that will enhance your language skills. It offers translation for subtitles with the help of Google and Bing Translation. So that you can convert the english subtitles to other and vice versa. It reads two subtitles, one before the video sound with your native language and after with the foreign language.

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The LaMP has a simple user interface. You can use pretty straightforward without any further information. Just load local video by clicking the Video File button.

Next load the Subtitle button by clicking the subtitle button and load the first and second subtitle. The first Subtitle field is to get movie subtitle that is the language you are learning and the second one is the subtitle of your native language which is optional. If you don’t have the subtitle’s in your language, you can use online Google Translation service to convert it.

In addition, you can control the subtitle sync with Movie using the option shift all subtitles with sec.

YouTube Player option allows you to load, some pre selected YouTube Videos to learn languages like spanish, french and english or Use the clip list menu to add YouTube Videos using the Link of the video. After adding the video, double click the title to play the YouTube Videos in the LaMP player. If the videos have subtitle, then you can get that in LaMP.


Understanding spoken language is extremely important in language learning. ‘Listening’ is one of the major components of all widely-recognized tests of English language (such as IELTS or TOEFL). LaMP is a good watch and learn software to enhance your listening skill and as well as learn new languages. If you are not a native english speaker and want to learn English then definitely, this is my recommended program. Of course, you can use it to learn other languages too!

LaMP supports Windows XP,Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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