“Start Menu Reviver” Is the Perfect Windows 8 Start Menu with Metro UI & Windows 7 Support

Finally, Microsoft  has the put the first step forward to bring back the features that have been initially removed in Windows 8. After taking down the feedbacks from OEM’s and Customers, the next update of Windows 8.1 (Code name Windows Blue) will have the start menu and some removed  features like Aero Glass Transparency. Also, MS announced that 8.1 update will be free for all Windows 8 and RT users.

But, You don’t have to wait for the Windows Blue to get Start Menu back in your Windows 8 System. There are many third-party windows 8 Start Menu replacements programs available for you,like Vistart 8, Pokki8 and Classic Shell. However, all these programs are imitating the Windows 7 like Start menu for Windows 8. But none of this offers Metro styled start menu till date.

Start Menu Reviver is the new Windows 8 Start menu Replacement With metro style Interface with elegant design. It is perfect start menu for Windows 8. However I haven’t used any of the 3rd party programs to get start menu back in my windows 8. But I liked the Start Menu Reviver which has promising style and easy to use the program.

Like Cherry on the top of Ice cream, It has the classic Windows 7 start menu style with Metro UI. So you can access the desktop applications, Windows Store Apps, settings, Recent programs and Files in the Start Menu Reviver.

When You click the Start menu, you will get Metro Styled Interface with Modern Apps and Settings pane. Click the Dashboard to open the Start Screen of Windows 8. In the Modern apps column, access control panel and Task manager, access apps and add more apps

Just hover the right border of Start screen to access Apps, Documents and Custom programs. Other wise To get the Metro Apps, click the apps in the left pane, Start menu reviver will expand and shows all applications by default. In the drop down menu, select the Modern apps to open Windows 8 apps like Weather, News etc..

In the same drop down menu, you can select Start menu folder, My Documents and Recent items. If you want any other custom menus, Choose custom and select Libraries, Local Disks and any folders you want in the start menu.

However, when I tested this program, I have some issues like the start menu doesn’t close automatically when you click on the desktop or rest of the space. To close that you have to click the escape key or windows  Key again, is somewhat bothering to me. And the large tiles take your valuable space in the start menu, But you can hide this. Apart from this It is nice start menu Replacement for your windows 8.

Download StartMenu Reviver | Freeware | 5 MB. Supports Windows 8 and Windows 7

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