Bored of Android UI? Get Windows Phone 8 Tiled Metro UI Start Screen in Android

Are you Bored of Android’s User Interface? And Want to Refresh your Launch Screen to Something new? Launcher 8 is the Awesome Solution for you to refresh your boring Android Life. It has stylish User Interface and offers User friendliness and brilliant design.

Launcher8 is a great app for you to experience the brand new style UI on your Android mobile phone. The Design and UI is Borrowed from the Windows Phone 8 (WP8) which offers stylish Metro Tiled UI and Metro Icons for Home Screen. Install this application in your Android Mobile Phone, and show off your friends the new style.

Basically, Launcher 8 mimics the Windows Phone 8 Style and refreshes your eyes with a new Launch screen. The Start Screen, Tiles and colors will bring you the new Android Windows 8 Experience.

Windows Phone 8 is gaining popularity in the Mobile Market and now become the third most Popular Mobile Platform after kicked off the Blackberry from the 3rd position.  The design, UI and UX are great in the Windows Phone 8 Operating system. Now, Windows Phone 8 only shorts in terms of Apps availability in the Windows Store. However, Microsoft has put its best to bring the popular apps in windows Phone store.

Nokia and Microsoft partnerships work very well. Their Nokia Lumia Windows Phone has got masses in to the WP 8 Market. The Launcher 8 will bring you the Nokia Lumia UI Like Styles to your Android phone.

Here’s quick look of Features of Launcher 8

  • You can add different sized Tiles with Multiple colors in your Home Screen.
  • You can Add Android Widgets in the Tiles
  • It allows you to set the wp8 style lock screen and status bar
  • You can customize the Start screen layout completely
  •  Switch the application list style by clicking the column

The Verdict and Download

Just try it out in your Android phone, you will definitely love it like me. First, I want to experiment this app in my Android phone, finally I liked the new style and UI. It is a quite a different experience. Hit the Play store Icon or Scan the Qr Code toe download this app. Tell us about you Windows Phone 8 Experience in your Android Phone

Launcher 8
Download Launcher 8 App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.5
Size      : 4.1MB

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