How to Track who opens and responds to your email using EmailOracle Plugin


spy4Do you hate hearing someone give you that cripple “I haven’t read your e-mail” excuse, when you know they read it but didn’t bother to reply?

Well,the solution is spy the inbox message you sent. EmailOracle is a Gmail plug-in that will tell you whether they are really cheat you off or really they didn’t read it.

This service adds a couple of checkboxes to Gmail’s interface when you’re composing a message: You can choose to track whether the recipient opens your e-mail and to get a reminder if you haven’t heard back within a number of days that you specify. A free account lets you track 20 messages a month. Paid accounts cost as much as $100 per month and allow you to track as many as 10,000 messages a month.

How it works:

Enabling EmailOracle:

To start using EmailOracle from your Gmail or Google Apps account, you’ll need to install the plugin. After restarting your browser, the next time you go to your Gmail or Google Apps email account, you should see an EmailOracle logo at the top right.

Tracking email replies:

If you enable response-tracking while composing an email, EmailOracle will monitor whether you receive a reply to this email.

  • You’ll specify a due date for the email (i.e. 7 days).
  • If the recipient does not respond by this time, you’ll receive a reminder via email.
  • You can also view a list of overdue emails by clicking the "Tracked Emails" tab on the left side of Gmail.
  • If somebody replied to a tracked email in the past hour, the Tracked Email list may not yet have detected this response. To refresh the status of your tracked emails, click the "check for responses now" button inside the Tracked Emails list.

Tracking email opens:

When you enable tracking open rates while composing an email, EmailOracle inserts a special image into the body of your email. If the recipient opens your email, their computer will make a request to our servers in order to view this image.

There are a few options for these images.

  • For free plans, you can use a branded image labeled "Email tracked by EmailOracle".
  • If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can create a custom image that acts as an email signature (i.e. your name and contact details).

Note :

Some users may disable viewing images or opt-out of tracking. In this case, EmailOracle will not be able to detect whether the email was opened. The number of views will be displayed as zero, even though the person did read the email (but EmailOracle could not detect this view).

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