MS, a brand new email service Gets 1 Million Users in 6 hrs

Yesterday Microsoft announced, which  is new web-based email service that will soon replace its email offering. Microsoft has been working hard over the past few months to build a new email service. 

The brand new has fresh look with less distraction with new email experience and is changing everything from privacy and workflow environment.


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Just head over to and sign up the preview of new face of Hotmail.If  you are a Hotmail or email user means just  you can upgrade your account to the new by going to the “Options” menu and clicking the “Upgrade to”; you will only receive the new UI, not the new domain if you select the upgrade option.

The Microsoft webmail service also boasts a number of innovative features such as Facebook and Twitter integration, enabling users to tweet friends and write on their Facebook walls straight from the web site. Skype integration will also be coming to the service soon.

The new Metro-themed site managed to get one million people to sign up for the preview version of in just its first six hours.Microsoft posted up the news on its Outlook Twitter page on Tuesday evening, along with a chart that shows the number of sign ups (1,004,763, to be exact)


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