Need a Graphics Card? Here’s Some Advice


The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in modern PCs is responsible for everything you see on screen. For example, Both Windows 7 and Vista can take advantage of the GPU’s 3D-acceleration features to create smooth window movement, transparency, and other effects. A GPU also renders all of the 3D graphics in games, educational titles, and other applications.Those reasons make finding the right graphics card for your PC needs some suggestions. Here are a few questions to consider before you buy the Graphics Card.

grap ATI’S RADEON HD 5850 board is a top choice.

First, you’ll have to find answers for the following questions about your graphics card and money you spend.

Discrete or integrated?

How much should I spend?

How much memory do I need?

Now I say a answer for the first question Discrete or integrated?.This is probably the biggest question you’ll have to answer. Do you go with a discrete graphics board (in either a desktop or a laptop) or integrated graphics? If you want to play games, even just a little, you’ll have a better experience with a discrete board.If you just want to browse the Web and work on some light word processing or Email, integrated graphics should be enough.

And if laptop battery life is your top concern, go with integrated graphics, or at least buy a notebook with “hybrid” or “switchable” graphics that use an integrated GPU to save power, but can change to a discrete board for improved performance in games.

The second one How much should I spend?

      As a rule of thumb, don’t spend less than 50000 INR. Boards in the 4950-to-7450 INR range offer a lot of bang for the buck and can run almost all modern games well. At prices lower than that, the performance drops rapidly—if you buy such a board, you’ll just need to upgrade sooner.

If you’re a gamer, look for cards priced at 8950 to 11450 INR, which offer great performance.

Let’s Find the answer for third one How much memory do I need?

You’ll see a lot of cheap boards with 1GB of memory. But cards in the 5000 INR range that have more than 512MB don’t offer much extra benefit, a faster GPU chip on the card is more important. In the 7450 INR-and-up range, however, pick a card with 1GB of RAM. If you choose integrated graphics, that technology will use system memory and you don’t need to think about it . But this memory sharing is one of the reasons integrated GPUs are so slow.

Many manufacturers offer these two types of cards.but well known,

  • Intel
  • ATI
  • nVidia

Here are some suggestions(Current Time Dec09)

low-cost options, consider the ATI Radeon HD 4850 or nVidia Ge – Force GTS 250. And the next level  try the Radeon HD 4890 or GeForce GTX 275. And for top results, there’s no substitute for ATI’s DirectX 11 cards, the Radeon HD 5850 and 5870, which offer best performance and features.

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