Toshiba Created the World’s Fastest SD Memory Card “Toshiba EXCERIA PRO “

Toshiba has announced that It will launch a new series of Memory cards that will give you the fastest Writing speed. That is, Toshiba Exceria Pro series memory cards are World’s fastest with writing speed of   240 MB/s which is multiple times faster than a current SD cards that are in the market.

Exceria SD card is all about Speed

With a 240MB/s writing speed, you can take high-resolution digital photos continuously without any lag. Toshiba offers two types of Exceria cards :  Exceria Pro series and Exceria series. The first one gives you the 240MB/s writing speed and latter offers the 120MB/sec which is also impressive one compare to other SD cards.

Overall, Toshiba is targeting the professional photographers who need to store photos quickly. The Pro cards will be available in Two Variants such as 16GB and 32GB and will use UHS-II standard. Other than the speed, Toshiba Cards won’t offer any other fancy features like wi-fi transferring.

The Exceria Series standard cards will come with two variants such as 32GB and 64GB. These cards also operate under the UHS-II standards. It will give you the Writing speed of 120MB/sec that is too fast when you compare with available cards in the stores.

Price and Availability

Toshipa is planning to release the new EXCERIA PRO Cards in October 2013 and regular Exceria cards will be released in November 2013. Prices are not yet announced for any cards but 64GB Exceria SDXC card will cost around $250. It is not cheap one, but if you are photographer and in media industry, these fast cards will do more for you.

Source :  Toshiba

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