VLC Media Player 2.0.6 Final Version Released, Download Now to Fix Security Vulnerabilites

VLC Media player is the one of  my favorite player and is the only player currently installed in my system other than default Windows Media Player. The main reason for that mostly I have used the free online music streaming services to listen my favorite songs and Of course, YouTube will satisfy my Video needs.



VideoLAN, the non-profit organization behind the VLC Media player has released the new updated version 2.0.6 for all supported operating systems includes Windows, Mac and Linux. This is the important update for VLC Media player which fixes minor annoyances, solves certain security vulnerabilities and improvement in overall stability.

Currently the default VLC media player’s update checker can’t pull out the latest version, so you have to download it directly from the VideoLAN website. Just Download and install the newer version, the installer will delete your older version and upgrade it to the latest version with your VLC media player preferences.

Here’s a quick look of  new updates in VLC 2.0.6

  • Improved playback for Apple-lossless audio, MKV files including support for Matroska v4, paletted codecs within AVI and FLAC
  • Overall improvements through updated codecs and third libraries, including but not limited to DVD playback
  • Improved Vimeo playlist parsing and HTML SRT subtitle rendering
  • Solved connectivity issue with certain https servers

This update fixes the following security implications:

  • Fixed crash triggered by specifically crafted ASF files
  • Fixed use-after-free crash with Ogg file playback

Improvements in various aspects of the OS X port:

  • Improved fullscreen controller time slider with larger click target
  • Improved lookup of human readable device names in AUHAL plugin (OS X)
  • Fixed subtitle rendering resolution when using OS X’s native fullscreen mode
  • Fixed listing of the lua interfaces (web, telnet and console) in the advanced preferences panel
  • Fixed spatializer audio filter panel
  • Fixed crash within the video output code
  • Fixed BDMV folder selection issue on OS X Mountain Lion, which treats such folders as a AVCHD file as soon as they include an item named INDEX.BDM
  • Fixed bug which caused a hidden fullscreen panel
  • Fixed various minor UI drawing issues (main window, fullscreen controller, lua extensions, …)
  • Allowed VLC to be associated with .dvdmedia packages

Windows-specific improvements:

  • Fixed GPU decoding on Intel HD 2000/3000 cards
  • Fixed uninstallation from different locations than C:

GNU/Linux-specific improvements:

  • Numerous D-Bus and MPRIS2 improvements
  • Reject broken versions of PulseAudio

This update brings you the two security fixes and improved stability, so you should install this updated player as soon as possible for better protection and improved playback.

Download VLC Media Player 2.0.6 | Freeware | 22 MB




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