YouTube launches new feature called Leanback


YouTube has introduced the feature ‘Leanback’, which is the television-friendly interface.This come with lot of options that is this Television friendly interface works only by way of keyboard arrow keys and Enter key.


You can play videos based on your feeds and recommendations provided by the YouTube.

Pressing up or down displays a search bar, lets you browse various content categories, and also gives access to basic video controls. The remaining buttons let you navigate or select items – nothing fancy, but it’s all you really need.

By pressing the up and Down arrow keys this feature displays the Search bar and provides the categories and you can access the video controls such as play, pause and forward options also included. Yes, you can forward to next video based on your selection.

This feature always plays the videos on full screen only. So that it is called Television friendly. You need not to click the next video to play, simply sitting and watch videos continuously. You can choose your favourite videos for this continuous playback.

You can visit and view the all features in <a href=”” rel=”_nofollow” target=”_blank”></a>


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