New Metro Tab Brings you Windows 8 Live Tiles to Chrome’s New Tab Page

Chrome beats every browser and brings you the many features from its core and from Chrome Extensions, still there is a room for improvements.  If you want the stylish Windows 8 start screen Live tiles page in chrome, you can get it via extension called “new Metro Tab”.

I’ve previously discussed about the Modern Tab Extension which also gives you the desired Metro UI style. However, this new Metro Tab extension also offers the same features with better visualization, customization, colors and more features.

How it will useful

“new Metro Tab” is the perfect tab extension for Google chrome, if you want the Favorite sites, Apps and Bookmarks in single new tab page. You can access everything in new tab page with stylish Windows 8 Metro Live Tiles Interface. If you don’t like the Windows 8 start screen, you can try with chrome. Yes! It is something awesome, and you will get a new experience in your chrome browser.

Download and install this new Metro Tab extension from chrome web store. Once you installed this tab management extension, it will show you the default live tiles such Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Weather, Calendar app, your Apps and more. You can tweak anything in the new Metro tab such as background wallpapers, Colors, Tile backgrounds, Icons and more.

The Live Tile Icon supports RSS feeds, so you can create tiles with your Favorite sites. Just enter the site URL, this extension will add the Favicon, Title and Feed address automatically. In addition, you can change the background color of Tile and Favicon. After creating your Favorite sites tiles, just re-open the New Tab page to activate live tiles. Also, the RSS reader Tile supports Popular RSS reader services like Digg Reader, Feedly, AOL reader.

The Calendar Tile will open the Google Calendar and Gmail will open Gmail with a stylish Windows 8 Tile opening animation. Right now, It has some default tiles like Free Online Music Service provider Grooveshark,  Vimeo, Outlook, Weather Forecasts, Evernote and more.

How to Setup the new Metro Tab Extension


To open the options of new Metro Tab extension, hover the user Avatar and click the options to open that. In options, you can change the Appearance, Live Tiles and  access the Import/Export settings.

To set the Location to Weather Tile:

Go to options -> Live Tiles and click the weather tab and enter your city to add the weather location. After the change in weather settings, you will get live details of weather forecasts in new tab page.

To set your RSS reader Service:

Go to options -> Live Tiles and click the RSS feed tab and choose your RSS reader like Digg Reader, Feedly, Aol.

Final Words

new Metro Tab extension for Google chrome is the worth a try even if you don’t like a Windows 8 start screen. I truly like this new Metro Tab in my chrome browser, what do you think of this new Metro Tab?

Install new Metro Tab

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