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QR Code that is Quick Response code is first created for automative industry in Japan that replaces the traditional bar codes. For the past few years, this QR Code has been used in many industries for various purposes including in the Web Applications. Now, It is the convenient way to store the web links that can be accessed by any hand-held device easily which has QR Code reading capability.

How to Create QR Codes in Your Desktop

You can create QR Code for your own purpose. It has been popular in consumer Advertising and some other fields. If you want to create QR Code for free, you could have many free QR Code Generators out there in the Internet. Previously, We have posted one Tutorial that How to Create QR Code Using DuckDuckGO Search Engine. You can use this online tool or use the Alternate QR bar Code Generator Desktop software to generate QR Codes.

You can use this custom QR Code Generator tool to create business cards QR codes, Advertising QR Codes and more.

Alternate QR Code Generator has simple user Interface. It has one Text area and QR Code Preview pane and then press Generate Button. You can enter your contact information, email address, website link and business details to create QR Codes. This simple tool will generate the QR bar Code for you. The data can be accessed using any  device that have QR Code reader such as Smartphone without the internet connection.

This tool offers many bar code optimization options that increases the code’s reliability. You can increase the pixel width, adjust the colors and error correction level. However, you need to choose a value that optimizes both the size and readability.

The QR Code can be copied or saved directly from the Alternate QR Code generator.


By Using this tool, you can’t create labels and multiple bar codes at the same time. However, the Regular user can use this tool for their own purposes without depending on the online tools. QR Code Images are the one of the best way to store your text and links.

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