100% Speed Up the Slow Computer Using WX Memory Optimizer

Does your System Slow Down due to low RAM Memory?  Low RAM(System) memory can slow down your PC and make you bother all time. In Windows, you can see often “This Program is Not Responding” and even the application crash sometime when you have the low memory problems. To fix this problem you have to upgrade RAM memory in your system. However If you are not in the position of Buying new RAM and still want the best performance from your old system, use WX Memory Optimizer.


What is it and How it will help?

WX Memory Optimizer is a tiny Windows program, whose purpose is to help you not suffer greatly from the lack of RAM in your computer.  By using this program you can free the memory of all the programs that are running on your computer easily. It is portable, so that requires no installation. Just download and run this application and increase the Speed and performance of your computer by decreasing the memory usage.


Basically, WX Memory Optimizer scans all the running processes of your computer and reduces the resources used by them. Now your System will have more memory because of the deallocation of this app.

It is worth mentioning that the deallocation of resources are temporary. It is because whenever the tasks need more resources it will get it again. Since it is must to have them back to function normally. If the tasks are closed then the deallocation of the memory is permanent.

More Speed Requires More Memory

Download the WX optimizer from the below link and launch it. At the startup, the interface will display Portuguese language, you can simply click the english to change the language.

Now Click the “Optimize” and wait for the optimization process to complete. Like I’ve mentioned above the app will scan entire processes that are running on your system and reduces the resources used by them. You can see the resource deallocation processes visually in the interface of the WX Memory Optimizer.

You can see the Auto Start, Auto, + 40% in the UI of the Program. I think Auto start is the pretty self explanatory, when you click that Whenever you systems start, the app will start automatically. The “Auto” option is used to optimize the memory of the system in every 20 minutes time duration. “+40%” is used to reduce the memory usage, If your system memory usage exceeds 40%.


The WX Memory Optimizer really works well and reduces the memory. However, the app may remove the resources of the important processes forcibly in your system. So It can disrupt the important tasks of the system. Apart from that It is a must try program that increases the speed and performance of the system 100%.



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