Get Superb “Smart Pause” Galaxy S4 Feature in iPhone using Lookaway Player

Smart Pause is the unique feature that will come with Samsung’s latest Flagship device “Galaxy S4”. This feature gives the artificial Intelligence to the Galaxy S4 to automatically shut down the display when you looking away. To get this Samsung uses the eye-tracking technology in the phone. There is also another one feature that eye-tracking technology in S4 is “Smart Scroll”.

What is it and How it will Help

Now, a new iPhone app has been created based on this Smart pause Technology for all iPhone users.


Currently this functions only works on YouTube only, so basically the Look away player is the  YouTube Client but uses the Smart Pause feature by using the Cube 26’s Eye-tracking technology. This Cube 26’s vision controlling capabilities uses the iPhone’ front camera to track your eye movements.

You can change the sensitivity of tracking in the settings page using two sliders. Just Install this app and search the videos and play your favorite videos to test this app.

When your head look away the facial recognition tracking technology automatically pauses the video. When you turn back you head to iPhone display, this app automatically plays the video. It’s pretty Cool, Huh!


This app brings you the another feature that will mute the video, but it’s not reliable in this version. So we can expect better results in the next version. Still it’s a worth a try this feature. If you want to mute a video, just raise your finger to your lips in the “Shhh!” gesture. I have tested the muting feature, it doesn’t work for me in some occasions but it works. Simply test you side and post your reply in comments.

This version  supports the iPhone 4S and above and the iPad 2 and above.

Conclusion and Download

Overall, this app brings you the something new feature for entire iOS community. This app also works pretty well when you look away, but the muting feature needs much more improvement. Just try this SmartPause feature in iPhone, before Samsung Galaxy S4 release.

Price : Free

Size : 14.1 MB

Download Look away Player

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