Google Launched Docs, Slides, Sheets Android and iOS Apps

Today, Google has launched the separate Mobile Apps for Docs, Slides, Sheets to Android and iOS users to edit and create those files easily, anytime and anywhere.

Recently, Microsoft has launched the Free MS Office 360 App for all Android and iOS devices. Now, Google has launched the separate mobile apps for Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentation.

You can install those apps directly from Play Store and App store. If you want to edit any document, just tab the Docs app to launch the Google Docs and edit the file. Your recently edited file will be in the top of the list, it is convenient for you to easily edit your recent files without searching that in the folder.

Using the Presentation App, you can create the Presentation for your projects or anything on the go. Launch the Spreadsheets app to do you calculations and other stuffs without going to your desktop. Also, you can continuously edit the files from your desktop computer to your mobile device, since all the files are stored Cloud storage. You don’t need to worry about the files which are safe in the Google Drive.

Multiple users can edit the same document by sharing the file with your friends or office mates which is cool feature. These three Apps will work offline still if you don’t have an internet connection to create and edit the documents. If you got the idea about anything, tab Docs and start writing the story and save it in the Mobile device. Once You connected to the Internet, your files will be automatically synced with Google Drive. You still need Google Drive to Organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.

In the Docs App, Create new documents or open and edit any that you started on the web or another device. Don’t worry about losing your work, everything is automatically saved when you type.

In the Sheets app, You can Format cells, enter/sort data, perform various sheet operations, and more.

The Slides App will be launched soon. In the meantime, you can download the Docs and Sheets app in your Android, iOS devices. If you don’t have time to download these apps now, you will be prompted to download these app in few days.

Download all the Apps

You can get the apps on Google Play [Docs] [Sheets] and in the App Store [Docs] [Sheets].


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