Google Now Offers the Bill Payment Reminders Pulled From Gmail

Google has updated the Google Now with many new features Periodically like Reminders, Contact Cards, Offline cards and more. Now, Google Now the voice assistant updated with Bill Payment Reminder cards. The latest update will be available globally in coming days.

Google pulled out the Billing email from the Gmail and will add the Reminder cards in  Google Now as Bill Payment reminders. After this update, you don’t need worry about the late bill payments, because you will be notified via the Google Now Reminder cards.

Basically, Google will identify the emails with bills from Gmail account and will fetch the information like Biller Name, Due Date and other details, after that Google Now Bill reminder card will be created based on that info.

Google has constantly pushing many useful features to Google Now to differentiate their service from the other voice assistant services like Cortana and Siri. With this Billing reminder Update, Google has already pushed three new Updates with Google Now in this month.

Earlier this Month, Google has added the Location based shopping feature. This update will add the product updates with the latest price from that location-based on the user searches. When You search any products in the store with your location, the Product card will be updated with price and availability from the store inventory information.

Another update for Google Now will allow it work in the Offline. Even if you don’t have the data connection, you can still view the Google Now cards with the last information.

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