How to Browse the Internet Anonymously Using Tor Browser

How to Browse the Internet Anonymously Using Tor Browser

Tracking the users activities in Internet has grabbed the headlines recent years. Online tracking is the one of the major concern for our privacy. When you browser the website like Google, Bing, your search habits and other useful information are tracked to provide better advertising, search results. Even the Government agency like NSA has tracked the users information from major companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

How to Protect your Privacy ?

To protect your data and privacy, you have some viable options like by browsing web Anonymously using Tor browser, Read this Post Prevent losing Your Privacy and avoid Tracking. Also, You can use the search engines like DuckDuckGo which doesn’t track your queries

Here, We’ll discuss about the Tor Browser bundle which helps you to browse the Internet anonymously. Many users looking for the best tool to browse the web anonymously to shield their privacy, TOR (The Onion Router) is the best option for them. You can install the TOR browser bundle in many platforms that includes Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

What is Tor and Its Bundled Package?

The Onion Router – TOR is basically a network which distributes your incoming and outgoing traffic to the number of virtual tunnels to hide your IP address, location and your information which will make you an anonymous web user. The Tor bundled package is nothing but the collective tools to implement the TOR network easily in your computer. Without this Package, even the experienced Web user will struggle to install the TOR network in their computer.

How Tor Works?

The Tor Network runs through several computers of volunteers that is more than 5ooo relays at a time throughout a world. When you installed TOR client, it will conceal your Identity and network Activity. Your data is encrypted when it enters into Tor Network, also, the packet header information will be stripped which is used to identify the Operating system and browser information.


This modified data will be routed through the Relays which is the volunteers servers. The each step consists of many wrappers like onion that is why this network is called The Onion Router.

How to Use the Tor to surf the Web Anonymously?

To use the Tor network, you need Tor client that communicates with Tor network. “Tor browser bundle” is the Browser package from Tor project that can be used to browse the websites anonymously. If you want, you can install the Tor Browser plugins to achieve the same Tor Configuration. However, The ‘Tor Browser bundle’ has the Rigorous Peer reviewing capability.

Tor Browser Bundle is the combination of graphical controller Vidalia and a modified version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Download the Tor Browser Bundle for Windows

Tor Browser Bundle can be downloaded from  multiple sites. However, You can download the original package from the which is an official site of Tor.

You can download the Tor browser bundle from  page which offers the 32 bit and 64 bit packages with numerous language options. Once You have downloaded the package, extract it and launch the Tor browser from the folder.

You don’t need to install the package, just launch the Application and you can browse the website anonymously even without leaving the Tor browser traces in your computer by launching it from Pen Drive or any removable disks.

Connecting Tor Network and Browsing Anonymously in Windows

After you have launched the Tor Browser, The Vidalia User Interface will be displayed to Connect the Tor Network. You have to wait for few seconds to few minutes to make the connection with Tor Network. The Connection established the message will be displayed when the connection to Network succeeded. In Vidalia control panel, you can see the many options like message log, Settings and Setup Relaying, those are helpful to configure the Tor Client.

Once your computer connected to the Tor Network, the Tor Browser (Firefox) windows will be opened and will show the “This browser is configured to use Tor”.

The Tor browser also provides various options via Tor button in the Top of the browser. Using that You can change the IP address and Protect your cookies in the browser.

Download Tor browser For Mac  OS X

Like the Windows, You can download the Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X in the same download page.

Connecting the Tor network is the pretty much same like Windows.

Download Tor Browser Bundle For Linux (Ubuntu, Mint and all)


For Linux, Download the Tor Browser Bundle in the Download Page and save it to Home folder or any other folder. Follow the instructions below to launch the Tor Browser in your Linux machine,

Open the Linux Terminal. If you have downloaded Tor Browser Bundle in your Home User folder, just execute the following command or Go to the folder where you have downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle.

tar -xvJf tor-browser-linux32-3.5.4_LANG.tar.xz

if you have downloaded the English version, then the code should be like this,

tar -xvJf tor-browser-linux32-3.5.4_en-US.tar.xz

then Enter into the extracted folder,

cd tor-browser_LANG or cd tor-browser_en_US

Then Executer the Start Tor Browser Bundle script,



Use the Tor network and browse the internet anonymously without losing your privacy and stay secure in the browsing and real world.

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