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Clean Optimize Android Phone Clean master app

Computers have the multiple choices while choosing the best cleaning and optimizing software. However, for hand-held devices particularly in Android, you don’t have much choice to choose the best cleaner and optimizer in a single app.  Clean Master is all-in-one Android App that has the cleaning, optimizing tools and maintenance tools in a single App.

What is Clean Master and How It Will Help

Clean Master is a pretty much same like the CCleaner (best Clean and optimization tool for Windows). Clean master is the one of the best clean and maintenance tool for Android Smartphones. It is the most downloaded Android Optimization App in the Google Play store. It improves the performance of the Android Mobile by optimizing the phone memory and clearing the garbage collection.

It will help you to clean the app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps quickly. Compare to other apps in this category, it offers more tools in one environment to clean your Android mobile.

Main Features

  • Junk Cleaner – will help you to clear the  caches and residuals files easily with only one CLEAN click.
  • Security & Privacy Cleaner –  can perform message deletion and also can clear browser data, clipboard data and history data and apps data.
  • Task Killer – this helps you to improve your Android battery life by killing the background apps and will reduce the usage of  Memory in RAM to Speed up your Android phone.
  • App Manager – App manager consists of uninstaller and backup assistant.

Install the Clean Master from the Google Play store using the link below. Once You installed the Applications, you will be presented with stats like Storage, RAM status. Clean Master has the following features such as History Eraser, Privacy Cleaner, Task killer, App Manager and Memory booster.

Android Cleaner optomizer Clean master

The history eraser or junk file cleaning module in clean master will clear the residual and App cache files. By clearing that files, you can reclaim the valuable memory space to improve the performance of your Android device. To use this Junk file cleaner, tap the junk file icon in the home screen of this Clean master. The app will scan your entire phone and will present the stats about the junk file memory usage in list. In that screen, you can clear the entire list of unwanted files or choose the files that you want to clear from your Android system.

best Junk file cleaner Android

Security and Privacy cleaner module have the following list of features like Malware cleaner, System protection and Internet security. This feature will save you from Viruses, Trojans and Malware. Open the Security module to scan your Android Phone for any malware files, if the App found anything, you can clear that. Other that this, you can turn on the real-time system and internet protection in that same screen.

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Security malware protection clean master

The Memory Booster module is pretty handy when you have the Android phone with low RAM. At that time, tab this module to know the currently running apps and background processes with memory usage. Like the Junk cleaner module, You can select and clear the allocated memory of the running Background apps. Once You release the memory, your Android phone performance will improve dramatically.

Memory Booster Clean Master

The app manager module of this app has the two features backup and Uninstall.  Once you launch the App manager, you will get the list of installed apps in your system. You can select the apps from that list to back up or uninstall. The backup option is useful when you want that app again in some time. Whenever you want to uninstall any Android app, You can back up that app for future use. It is because, the developer may have pulled down the app from the Play store or Google may remove that.

Clean Master provides the magic broom feature to automatically optimize your Android Phone with one tap.


I have already said that in the beginning of this Article, this app has all the cleaning and maintenance utilities in one place. It is much-needed tool for beginners and non-techie people. If you know how to handle and delete the files using Device itself using settings, then you don’t need this app.

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Clean Master
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