Answer your call by Shaking your Phone using By Shake Android App

If you have ever been frustrated to slide to answer the phone call or end the call. Here, I’ll show much easier way to answer the phone call.Yes! just shake your Android phone to answer any phone calls with ease and without any frustration. The Android App ‘By Shake’ will change your way of answering the phone calls with just a shake! Find out more about this app, by reading this post.

How this app will help you

This free Android App uses your phone’s Accelerometer to help you Answer any incoming calls and end calls, also you can hang up the calls by a simple shake. You can install this app in your Android phone, if you have the version 2.1 and up above. It is completely free, you can download directly from Play store. This app also offers some other functions which will also be triggered by the Shake event.

Main Features

  • Answer a call by shaking a phone
  • Hang up by shaking a phone : only when screen is on.
  • Turn over shortcut during a call : smart functions available during a call (memo, contacts, SMS, map, calendar, googling, etc).
  • Turn over to mute incoming calls,to  reject incoming calls.
  • Status bar notification : notification while service is running.
  • Flash when ringing : camera flash alarm when ringing.
  • Vibration alarm : vibration when a call is connected or disconnected by shake.
  • Maximize in-call volume.
  • Auto speaker on : Automatically speaker on/off according to the distance from the ear.
  • Medium speakerphone volume : setting the initial speakerphone volume medium.

Just install the app and setup your phone to desired settings. The phone’s settings layout is very simple, you don’t need any instructions to set up this app. After you have finished the setup, Shake your phone to accept the calls.


When we test this app, it works fine without any issues. It has so many cool features, just enable the each and every settings and test the app before using it. So that, you will know that, the app has any problem in your phone and you will miss any calls.

By Shake (Answer call)
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Rating :  3.8
Size      : 624k


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