Download Google Web Fonts To Your Desktop for Faster Browsing

Google web fonts are beautiful, elegant and makes the site fresh with Unique style. Unlike other font services, Google offers all these fonts and hosting with free of cost to any kind of websites. Also, the Google Fonts are released under the Open font license, So you can whatever with those fonts.

Now Google has recommended a tool to download 1,000+ collection of free, open-source fonts to your desktop. The downloaded fonts will always sync to Google Fonts to bring instant updates. Once you have all the Google Fonts in your Computer, the websites using those Google Fonts will load much faster than before. For this, Google has recommended the SkyFonts which has the whole Directory Google Fonts.

This tool allows you to install and sync fonts from the web onto your Windows or Mac OS X devices. The most interesting aspect of SkyFonts is that automatically updates the local fonts whenever the online version of the Google Fonts are updated.  For example, when new characters are added – ensuring you always have the latest fonts to work with.

The Website will load Faster

Installation of Google Fonts in the computer will help the browsers to load the websites faster. Since your browser won’t have to spend time fetching font data.

Download the SkyFonts using the following link. Once you have installed the SkyFonts in your computer, select the fonts you want to download to your Desktop. Since there is no “Select all” option, you have to select each font before downloading locally.

Download SkyFonts to get Google Fonts Locally via Google Developers Blog

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