Tixati – Best Alternative to uTorrent without Ads, Toolbars and Much Faster

Once uTorrent was my favorite BitTorrent client to download torrent files. uTorrent has offered rich feature set, faster performance, low memory usage and supports older computers too. But all the good things are dominated by the Annoying crap toolbars and Advertisements. Even one can accept Ads in the uTorrent but the bloated toolbars are evil and installs itself automatically. All my browsers are also affected with useless toolbars and uninstalling these craps are so complex. Even you uninstall from the Windows these toolbars won’t leave you and will follow you. To remove this you need toolbar uninstallers.

I’ve searching for the best alternative uTorrent without compromising speed and performance of it. Tixati is the answer for this annoyance of uTorrent. Tixati is the lightening speed torrent downloader. Tixati has offered the same performance, speed without installing any toolbars and ads.  Compare to Vuze, Bit torrent, Tixati is the lightweight solution for all torrent users.

Tixati user interface is simple and easy to use. Even the newbie users can easily understand menus and options in the Window. It has specialized ultra fast downloading algorithms which gives the faster download. It supports DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link files. So you don’t need another software to download all these type of files.

Tixati algorithm offers super-efficient peer selection and choking. So you can get reliable speed from all peers. In addition, it offers RC4 connection encryption for added security. The best of the Tixati is, you can get visualized and detailed bandwidth management and charting.

Like other Torrent downloaders, You don’t need java and .net to install Tixati in your system. The Application is clean and no spyware, adware during installation.

Set Outgoing Bandwidth Throttle to Increase Torrent Download Speed

Tixati works well with default settings and you don’t any tweaks to improve the download speed of torrent files. If you have any slow download problems, check your internet and bandwidth speed.

For example, If your internet connection speed is like a below screenshot, follow the steps to improve torrent download speed in Tixati.


You will need to convert your results into kilobytes per second (KB/s) according to the following table:

Kb/s (kilobits per second) divide by 8 example: 628 Kb/s divided by 8 = 78.5 KB/s
Mb/s (megabits per second) multiply by 125 example: 0.64 Mb/s x 125 = 80 KB/s
MB/s (megabytes per second) multiply by 1,000

It is usually best to set your outgoing throttle at about 70-80% of capacity.  Since our capacity is 80 KB/s, we will set our throttle to 80 x 0.7, which equals 56 KB/s.

In Tixati, click the Bandwidth tab and look for the Maximum KB/s settings in the right side of the window.Type there the 56KB/s and press enter.

Just like the above example set the speed and get the maximum benefit from tixati.

Download Tixati (Supports Windows, Linux)

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