HowTo Get Android Phone Hardware and Other Advanced Details With CPU-Z

Most of the users do know about the basic info of  their Android Smartphone like model name and other details like Operating system. However, there is much more advanced electronic components are under the Hood in your handheld device. But users don’t care about the internal parts and how the phone runs and What is the CPU Load?etc. If you are curious and want to know about your phone?  There is new Android App released for this purpose. CPU-Z Beta.

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What is it and How it is useful?

CPU-Z is the most popular tool for displaying the information about PC/Windows. Now the same tool is available for Android users to know about their device. Once you install this application in your Android phone or Tablet, it will display the various vital information about your phone like device name, brand and model number.

Apart from this basic info, you can know about the system on chip details such as Processor name, Clock Speed, Core Performance, CPU Load, Graphics Driver Details and more..

The app has a simple interface with tab like design. It has four tabs: SOC, System, Battery, Sensors.

SOC (System on Chip)

System on chip shows the CPU and Graphics driver details. Here, you can get the CPU architecture, CPU Speed for all cores. Also you can get the current load on the CPU.


System information displays the Phone specification and manufacturer details. Here, you can get device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage. It also shows Available RAM Memory and Available Storage.


Battery Information tab shows the battery health, Status and Capacity. In addition, you can get the Temperature details.


Sensors tab lists all sensors in your phone with details.

This Application is still in beta stage, but works as advertised when I tested this app. This application is useful for novice users and even for Android developers to get quick info of the Android phones.

Download CPU-Z App from Google PlayQR code for Price    : Free
Rating :  4.8
Size      : 193K


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