How To Check If Your Android Phone is Vulnerable to Malwares

Recently, a security vulnerability was discovered in Android by the BlueBox security firm. The report also confirmed that, this could have affected the over 900 million devices. This security exploit has been in android over several years now, that is from Android 1.6 Donut. Google also confirmed this security hole and issues the security update to fix this issue. But,  How to find that, If your Android Phone is vulnerable to this Master Key Malware exploit.

How to Check you Android Phone is Vulnerable to Malware

Bluebox, the security firm released the Android app ‘Bluebox Security Scanner’ that will scan your Android device to find, if your handset is vulnerable to this security hole. You can use this report to remove trojans and other viruses from your Android Phone. This app is available in the Google Play store, you can download it for free, and it works quickly. Install this app from play store, and it will inform you instantly that your device is vulnerable or not.

The BlueBox security scanner Features

Bluebox Security Scanner will scan your device to find,

  • If your Android device is vulnerable to Master Key security Exploit. If your device is not patched with security fix then it will inform you that the handset is vulnerable
  • If your Android phone settings allows you to download the third party Apps other than Play store or not.
  • If any of the installed app in your device have a malicious program to exploit the security flaws.

Google has already sent the security patch to all mobile manufactures like Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. This security flaw has been patched in many phones still most of the phones hasn’t received this security update. So, you can use this app to test your device is patched or not.

We have tested some of the Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy s4 was found to be fixed, but the Galaxy s3 running in the Cynagenmod wasn’t fixed with new security update.

Once you installed this app, you can rescan your phone with a tab of the menu button. This app is very easy to use and you can know about the vulnerability in your device. It is always the best to know about your phone to handle this security issue. That is, if your Android phone found to be vulnerable, you should be extra cautious before installing any third party apps other than from Play store. You can’t do much to fix this issue, other that waiting to fix your manufacturers will have to roll this fix out as a security update.

Bluebox Security Scanner
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