Get Cerberus Anti-Theft Android App LifeTime License Worth $4 for Free

If you do not care about protecting your mobile until now,today, you should consider securing that with Cerberus Anti-theft Mobile Protection App. Now, Get back the robbed mobile from thief with Cerberus for free. Yes! AppGratis the daily app sale site puts this app with free Lifetime license. The Lifetime license of Cerberus costs you $4. Now you can this license for free and protect your mobile lifetime without any monthly or annual fee.

What is Cerberus?

If you don’t have a chance to know about the Cerberus, it provides protection for your phone that is if you lost it or if someone steal it. Just install this app in your Android phone and it starts the monitoring process. Using this app, you can track phone’s location, lock your phone, delete your data, enable your GPS remotely, Record the audio via mic, activate the Alarm, get a list of call logs. You can do all these things remotely using the Cerberus Web Interface.

Also, you can get the information of the network Operator the device connected to. The Cerberus even works, the phone doesn’t have the Internet connection by using the Text message codes. Just sent SMS messages to track your stolen smartphone remotely. Thief won’t get SMS messages you have sent to your phone. It’s pretty smarter to hide those messages from the SMS box.

In addition, it has SIM tracker, this app will alert when someone changes the Sim card of your phone. Also, thief can’t uninstall the Cerberus without flashing the phone with other ROM.

How to Get Free Lifetime License of Cerberus

To get this Deal, head over to the below link and you will be redirected the Appgratis App download page. In that page, click the download link and install the app from Google Play store.

Once you installed this app, create a new AppGratis account and you will get a Lifetime license for free. Also note that, If you have an account already, you won’t get a free license.


Anti-Theft app is essential to have in your Android Mobile Phone. It is because, Your Phone may have your business, Financial information and other sensitive information. Protect your information using this Cerberus is an important thing to do. Try this app in your Android Mobile and tell us what do you think about this Phone-tracker.

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