Make Money on Android App for watching Ads,Get $25 Every Month

Smart-AdsIndiegogo has announced the new smartphone App “Smart Ads”. SmartAds is an innovative new smartphone app that will allow you to get paid every month for having sleek, good looking, minimalistic ads displaying on your phones lock screen. Amount of $25 per month that will be paid straight to you.  Even you can also earn $5o by using your  own tablet and Smartphone every month.

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Indiegogo said that “Ads will be targeted to you based on your interests and will often offer deals that will be attractive to you.” also they added that “There won’t be any noticeable battery drain or data usage, and no personal user details will be shared with advertisers.”

 The founder of SmartAds, Elijah Cusack said that,

“We are extremely excited to launch this new application to the public. SmartAds will revolutionize the way marketers advertise to mobile users and the way end users will experience mobile advertising.”

This is good news for all people especially for people to reduce that monthly expense without having to change anything more than a single screen tap. You can also Access to great deals based on your interests and your geo-location.

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