How to Share Your Internet Connection In Android Phone Tethering WithOut Root

Now Turn Android phone into Wi-Fi Hotspot to share your Internet Connection with All devices in your Home Including Tablet, TV, Gaming Console etc. To share your Internet connection with other devices, network carriers are charging extra fees like Tether Plan. In Android Phone, you can overcome this issue by rooting your phone or installing Custom ROMs to get Tether Feature. The FoxFi is the Application for Android Phones that allows you to share your Internet connection with other devices without Rooting your Android Phone.

What is it and How it Will helpful?

FoxFi is an Android app that creates wi-fi access point in your device that broadcasts signals to all other internet devices without rooting your phone. It will be helpful to you to share your internet connection with other Wi-Fi Devices like Tablet, Laptop. Now you can save $20 per month from your carrier by sharing the Internet.

FoxFi User Interface very simple and have only the much-needed options such as Activate Wi-Fi Mode, Activate USB mode, Activate Bluetooth Mode, Network Name and Password.

FoxFi Wi-Fi Mode doesn’t work in some Android devices. However, you can use USB Tethering and Bluetooth mode to share your Android Internet connection with other devices.

Once you installed FoxFi in you Android device, you can start the sharing process. You have to active WiFi Hotspot and then enter the Network Name in the screen and enter that password to secure your network. FoxFi will process the Wireless access point and notify you once your device is ready to share the internet with others.

Now Your Tablet or any other WiFi capable will device can easily detect your new network and connect to it. Your Internet is shared without spending any money.

The best of FoxFi is which is free and there is no advertisement. Despite that Free version has usage limitation that requires you to restart FoxFi to continue using the Free sharing mode. You can purchase the premium version to remove these limitations.

Conclusion and Download

FoxFi is a worth to try to share your Android Internet connection with other devices. Download this app from below link and save some pennies from your network carrier.

FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)
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