How To Automatically Put Your Android Phone on Silent Mode with Bypass Some Numbers

Tired of being woken up by notifications or unwanted phone calls? I’ M Sleeping the Android application automatically puts the Android mobile phone on the silent mode in night  and switches over to the normal mode back.

This Android App also gives the Timing option (nap mode). By using this Timing option, you can set specified Time interval. The Android Phone app will automatically put your device silent when start time triggers and switch back to the normal mode when end time triggers. It is Pretty simple Application.

put Android Phone silent mode

So that you can use this app in your office hours, Lecture hours and also in your sleeping time. This app will do its duty and allowing you to work freely and sleep happily.

Let’s see the Features of I’m Sleeping Android silent App:

This Android App has the four modes to set your phone in Silent Mode automatically.

Whitelist Mode

Whitelist mode allows you to select some important or your  beloved phone numbers to bypass the silent mode and rings the phone.

Call through Mode

This option allows the phone to ring when any person repeatedly calls you.

Nap mode

put Android Phone silent mode 2

By using this mode you can manually set time interval to put your Phone on silent mode automatically

Weekend mode

By using this weekend mode you can set a different schedule for weekends to put phone silent.

Download I’m Sleeping App:

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