How To Protect Your Android Device With Siren

The Good old Security siren system is a good way to prevent a possible miscreant to take possession of another’s property. The sound will scare them and will save your products. Do you know, you can put the same siren system in your Android smartphone and Tablet? Yes! Touch alarm protector is new Android App that do the job for you.

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What is it and How it will Useful?

The Protector Touch Alarm is a free Android app that protects your device from illegal use by third parties. Once you install this app, it works as advertised when you activate it.  When anyone uses your phone, it will sound an alarm. To deactivate, you have to enter password or press pre defined button.

Since the app only sound an alarm when someone uses your device, It doesn’t prevent the access to your device like apps, data. Also, someone can bypass the protection and use your device. You have to quickly get device your back when phone sound an alarm. Here, the sound is the only thing, it can use to alert you.

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This app is free to download from Google play store, and size is only 2MB. You can simple configure this app to realtime protection. Use the Volume settings the set the Alarm volume like siren or continuous beep sound or some audio. You can also activate vibration when someone touches your phone. Also, LED blinking option available when your device is armed.

In Control settings, you can set the unlock code to deactivate the alarm or use some pre defined buttons. But you have no choice other that Volume button to deactivate the alarm. It is one of the disadvantage as anyone can press the volume button to deactivate the alarm. Also note that, Don’t forget your unlock code for this app.

After you have finished the settings, activate the Touch Alarm Protector. Now Security Siren system ready scare all your friends and third persons.

This app could be helpful In several cases:

  • Children take device without permission;
  • You want to leave device in public place;
  • Your wife/husband want to check your device for some reason.
  • You have a colleagues who always touch your device.
Touch alarm protector
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